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"Places People Remember"


From an architectural background that includes a masters' degree in history and design, a European travel and study fellowship, and his own professional practice since 1962, STAN ROUTH has devoted his life to visual recordings of the things we all remember.  Country stores, little churches, old homesteads, mills, bridges, barns, and other architectural structures , which first catch his eye and then his heart, are faithfully rendered in ink, pencil, or watercolor to capture  their essence in a literal "explosion" of pertinent detail.

STAN ROUTH specializes in drawings of  historical landmarks, original paintings, sketches, and watercolors of cities and towns throughout Louisiana and surrounding states.

STAN tries to achieve a feeling of his work spontaneously "exploding " to fruition.  Full of meticulous detail, it has yet an informal "loose" quality achieved after more than 40 years of developing the ability to draw rapidly with a "big soft pencil".  Dedicated to realistic portrayal of his subjects, he RECORDS what he sees and feels faithfully and in scale and perspective.

Often his subjects fall victim to "progess" and his sketches and paintings are all that remain to remind us and future generations of their usefulness.

STAN ROUTH is an architect and an artist.  After 15 years of professional delineation and design consultation for other architects all over the country and his own architectural practice in Baton Rouge, he began to exhibit his watercolors and pencil drawings professionally.  His work has won regional awards in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. while collectors of fine art in 20 states and 5 foreign countries have purchased pieces in all the media used by this versatile artist.

A 1951 graduate of Istrouma High School, STAN studied architecture at the University of Illinois.  Top in his class of '56, he won the Ryerson Traveling Fellowship to Europe for 6 months study on his own that led to a masters' degree in architectural history and design.  It was during this time of intense observation and literally thousands of sketches and drawings that his interest in "Landmarks" both natural and man-made gained momentum.

In 1974 STAN ROUTH began to exhibit his art.